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Public Memorial

The public (non-fandom) memorial for Lucy will be held this Thursday July 29th at 2:00 pm at the 59ers Club in Tyendinega. It will be a very informal gathering to remember her. Anyone is welcome to speak but if you are attending and *definitely* wanting to speak, please comment.

Again, we will plan a fandom memorial later.

The end

This is alexandriabrown. Lucy passed away about 9:15 this morning. She had a peaceful night and just slipped away. She's at rest now and isn't suffering.

She was the best person I've ever known.

Jul. 23rd, 2010

nafs posting again. Lucy's home, the transfer went well. She was aware enough to clap when they told her she was coming home, and she does know she's here. Mostly she's sleeping with bouts of quick non-verbal consciousness.

I'll keep updating as there are things to say.

Jul. 22nd, 2010

This is nafs posting on behalf of lucylooo and alexandriabrown.

I don't really know how to write this post, but I feel like you all are the people who need to know. Lucy's cancer has been diagnosed as a neuroendocrine tumour which is hosted in her liver and bowel. It could be a matter of hours, it might be a matter of days. She has asked to come home for at-home hospice care and if she is well enough to do so that will happen sometime tomorrow. We think that's all she's holding out for. Alex was called to the hospital once already today. Her pain is well managed, she is on medication and a pump, but she's not eating and she's not always coherent.

At this point guys, please, we ask that you pray that she goes quickly. To those of you who are close, Lucy and Alex appreciate the urge, but please do not attempt to come for a visit now. Hold her in your thoughts and hearts and know that she knows we love her. When the time comes we'll provide information about a memorial service and there are tentative plans for a separate fandom celebration.

A bit better news

This is alexandriabrown transcribing directly from Lucy:

I felt everyone's good vibes and prayers and love. I totally believe that everything that everyone sends works. Proof of that is that I got some goodish news today that has made me hopeful. It's been a long time since I could use the "h" word. Any more vibes and love would be much appreciated. I love everybody and I miss everybody. I'm sorry to be cryptic but everything's kind of cryptic to me right now. Alex is the best pack mule on the entire planet and I don't know what I would have done without her.

Fuck cancer.

A post I never wanted to make

This is alexandriabrown posting this at Lucy's request.

I'll cut right to the chase - the diagnosis and prognosis are as bad as possible. Stage IV cancer of unknown origin which has metastasized to the liver. This is incurable and terminal. The primary location of the cancer still hasn't been located and she's waiting on the test results for that. She will be undergoing chemotherapy starting next week but that's to give her as much time as possible. The doctors aren't holding out much hope for remission. Yes, everything is out for further consult and, yes, she will be getting a second opinion but there's not much doubt about the diagnosis or outcome. The doctors can't give her a time frame until the liver biopsies are done but she should have that next week.

I'm going to be taking a leave of absence from my job and will be staying up here for the duration, with the exception of taking trips back to the States every few weeks to check up on my own place.

She wishes everyone well and misses everyone. She's doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. Thoughts and prayers and well wishes are welcome. I'll pass along everyone's comments.


the doctor just emailed and let me know my CT and bone scan showed no sign of brain or bone cancer.

not that I'm not you know, a fucking mess with relief, but could this thing maybe stop hiding anytime soon?

holding on to relief right now. still a fucking mess.



it's been a week with alex, doing very little other than running some necessary errands and spending a lot of time in the hotel, just talking and being together and sucking up the a/c. we went to the mothership yesterday and I got to ride one of their electric carts, and can I just say those things kick ass? it was so fun! and I totally didn't run into anyone or knock anything over, so that was win.

last night we went to the community grad at my work. I was so glad to go - we had the traditional turkey dinner and everyone made alex feel super-welcome (as we do), and then we stayed for the entire ceremony. I was able to eat some dinner, which was amazing, since I have only just started to feel well enough to attempt solid food (been on a liquid diet for most of the past two weeks, plus meds). I had some turkey, corn, stuffing, and a bit of mashed - not a whole lot, but damn did it feel good to _chew_. and everything stayed down! this is also a new event for me, so that was sort of rocking. the ceremony was great, as always, and then I stayed a little bit afterwards so I could talk to my boss and my friend D., and let them know what's going on with me. it was sad - my boss nearly made me cry, but I let them know that I was keeping positive until I have some sort of definitive diagnosis (the doctors are quite sure it's cancer, but the mass they biopsied is atypical, so I'm still waiting to hear what's going to be next steps). so, I got that out of the way, which was good.

had a bad night - my stomach acts up the worst when I lay down, and I was up for about five hours last night tossing and turning before I could sleep - although when I did, I really slept like the dead for about six hours. then we had more errands to run - gas and mail pick-up and transferring all of my stuff from the hotel to my house, since Fiona is coming to visit tonight and staying with alex at the hotel. then we went to my work so I could pick up the paperwork to start my short-term disability claim, and picked up a cheque from my other job. then we had an absolutely _beautiful_ sunny arrangement of flowers from placidia to pick up in Avriltown, then we headed to Kingston to have brunch at Denny's and go to the movies! I think I will be eating my leftovers for about three days - their pancakes are as big as my head, but they were so good.

we, of course, went to see "The A-Team." some brief thoughts.Collapse )

then, immediately after the movie, my get-up-and-go completely deserted me. I was so tired I nearly fell asleep on the way home, but I managed to keep my eyes open until alex dropped me off. I'm about to crawl into bed and crash - I can't believe I made it to 8pm!

that's been the hardest thing to deal with - I have no energy whatsoever. I can walk maybe 30 feet without being absolutely out of breath, and a flight of stairs completely kicks my ass. but I'm getting good at spotting benches when I'm out, and I'm trying to work on strengthening my breathing so I can try and do a little bit more, a little bit at a time. I am absolutely not pushing myself, and I'm getting great at multi-tasking - having bags around so I can make one trip instead of three, finding the shortest distances to go, etc. it's weird dealing with being an invalid when I've been so (relatively) healthy for such a long time. like I told one of my doctors, a month ago I could push-mow the hill on my lawn for an hour without being out of breath (hot and sweaty, yes, but not breathless), and now I can barely handle a flight of stairs. I think that's the hardest thing to take, honestly. even going to the bathroom is a big deal, and I used to take it, and so many other things, so much for granted.

finally, this should really have its own post, but I just have to talk about how incredibly amazing alex has been all week. not only did she take one look at my "I'm scared, can you come?" text and immediately arrange to take vacation time off work and come stay with me, but she's done absolutely everything for me this week. she's done all of the driving, she's fetched and carried for me, she's helped with my meds, she's picked up stuff that I've dropped on the floor, she's gone to get me drinks and snacks that I thought I might be able to keep down, and she's just been there, keeping my spirits up, offering hugs and support, talking me through the tough nights, making me nap when I'm tired, and not ever complaining for one second about how weak and needy I've been, even when I've absolutely frozen her at night by cranking the a/c because I get so hot and uncomfortable. there's also the "little matter" of the care package that she brought for me, full of books and dvds and a portable dvd player that I will be able to take into the hospital with me so I don't go completely insane. there has not been one thing that I have asked of her this week that she has refused, no matter how small or large or stupid or embarrassing, and I absolutely could not have made it through this week without her unwavering support and unconditional love. she is the best friend I could ever, ever imagine having, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. I don't know what I did to deserve her, but I am endlessly grateful.

*hugs alex x infinity*

now, bed for me.
I had last week off work as a consequence of being in the hospital until Wednesday, and I sort of assumed that I'd be able to fully recover from the stomach crud that I was experiencing in the next four days and be able to turn to my job. However, as the days passed it became increasingly obvious that I wasn't getting better - I wasn't perceptibly _worse_, but I still had stomach pains, I was constipated as fuck, and I just felt _awful_. So, come sunday night, I headed back to Emerg.

another night there, another round of x-rays, more fluids in ivs, a CT scan, a visit from four doctors, lots of blood and urine workups, and Monday around noonish the doctor on duty came to my cubicle and told me that a mass showed up on my CT and they're pretty sure I have cancer.

in her defense she did offer to wait to talk to me until I had someone with me, but tracking down my family is impossible at the best of times, and frankly at that point I just wanted to know wtf was going on. so, yeah. I sat there and had a bit of a breakdown and then asked for the phone so I could call someone. you know, _anyone_.

didn't get a hold of my dad or stepmother or my brother, of course, so I pulled out the Forbidden Cell Phone and texted alex and Fiona. Fiona, bless her, was there, so I got to drop my bomb on her head - it wasn't even that I needed to tell someone as I needed there to be someone I knew who knew, if that makes any sense. until I got the text back from her, the world didn't exist somehow.

so, I got admitted again, because they wanted to do a colonoscopy. last night was all about fluids, antibiotics, morphine (WHICH IS AWESOME), and gravol, with very little sleep. I was able to sleep most of this morning, and the bulk of the afternoon, since they didn't take me for my scope until just before 3.

now about colonoscopies: if you have never had one and you should? GO GET ONE. a) the drugs they gave me were fucking amazing (like the scene from "The Losers" where they tranq the Army paramedics? yeah, like that), and b) it didn't hurt at all. (the surprise endoscopy SUCKED though.) they did a biopsy and then sent me back to my room, and I was all prepared to be stuck there for a few more days when my doctor came in and basically said, "When do you want to go home?"

they need to examine the biopsied tissue and then the oncologist will call and we'll set up an appointment and decide where to go from there. the doctor said that due to my age and (hopefully) having caught things early they expect my treatment to be aggressive, so, you know. I'm sort of sitting here wondering what my hair will grow back as after chemo.

"here" is at the Best Western in Belleville with alex, since my text to her yesterday was "can you come up? they think it's cancer" whereupon she took this week off and came up. so I'm sucking up air conditioning and beds with lots of pillows and my bff, who is the bestest ever. also still the best is Fiona, who sent flowers, called, and is coming to visit this weekend on basically no notice.

I'm weak, I'm tired, I'm bruised everywhere, I'm bleeding like a stuck pig from nearly orifice because of all of the Heparin they shot me up with (including the injection site!), I'm bloated, and basically I am being a whiny bitch all over alex because she's awesome and I can.

and I have cancer.

ETA: I am also now on, among other things, Spencer Reid drugs! I look forward to overcoming my inevitable addiction to dilaudid sometime in the future. hopefully, Shemar Moore will be my boyfriend and eat my jello. :D


hi, internets! how are you? I am. hm. I am here! I am very happy that you are here too.

some of you may have heard part of the story of my Amazing Week of Amazingness from nafs; it actually started last Tuesday when I had a job interview for an aboriginal counsellor position at a shelter in Kingston that I completely kicked ass at. I kick ass at job interviews, and it went really well, but I was so parched afterwards (despite sucking down two bottles of water that I brought with me to the thing) that I stopped at the mothership to pee and pick up some oj for the trip home. and then I drove home and threw up, but I assumed that was probably a combination of it being really really hot (over 30C and humid) and me drinking the oj too fast, and didn't really think anything about it.

I went to work on Wednesday and Thursday and was feeling punkish, but nothing too bad (threw up a couple more times, but it was still hot, so). took Friday off because I was supposed to have Fiona here for the weekend, but I had to postpone her when I realized that the throwing up was probably going to knock me on my ass for the weekend. I figured, I'd just sleep it off, and everything would be better on Monday.

I did sleep most of the weekend, but my throwing up went from anything solid I tried to ingest to _anything_ I ingested, including bottles of water. by Monday, I had the shakes, I couldn't stand for more than ten minutes, and just going up a flight of stairs had me totally winded and panting. I was sort of freaked out.

I also had to go to Oshawa on Monday, since I've been spending the last couple of weeks, in between job hunting, doing my real job, and being sick, refinancing my mortgage! so the paperwork was being signed Monday, in Oshawa, and away I went.

I literally do not remember the drive there or back. all I could concentrate on was the huge thing of water I got at *$ (which stayed down, yay!) and sucking in as much of Joshie's a/c as I could. I had a feeling that I'd need to go to the hospital on Sunday night (I'm bright like that!), so I packed a bag of essentials just in case they made me stay, and I brought that with me to Oshawa. also in Oshawa, which was a crucial thing, I renewed my badly-expired OHIP card. (for non-Ontarians, that's health insurance.) while I _could_ have gone to the hospital at any time without it, I would have had to pay for my care out-of-pocket, and as wonderful as the Canadian health care system is (and it is, a lot), I cannot afford that shit.

so, armed with my wee bag and my new temporary health card, I went to the hospital in Belleville. the fun thing about triage? if you show up and are a 40ish woman who cannot breathe and is tachycardic? you get seen first! pretty much the only people who would have gone in front of me would have had to have been bleeding from the head, in mid-heart attack, or gsw. so, yeah.

I got put into a bed in Emerg at 7pmish, hooked up to a heart monitor, and put on iv of fluids and electrolytes to rehydrate myself. I started to feel better within 15 minutes of the iv going in, but my heartrate really didn't reflect how I was feeling in a significant way. (I went from being tachycardic to just. . .having a really fast rate.) so, despite the doctor telling me he thought that I'd probably be able to go home in the morning, the night went by and I had chest and abdominal x-rays, more ivs, an ECG, lots of bloodwork and injections, and lay on the most uncomfortable bed ever designed to hold a non-terrorist person (I think.). in the morning, the doctor said there were some abnormalities on my x-rays, and since I was still having a bad heartrate, they decided to admit me.

I got put in a room after lunch on Tuesday. somehow, through the grace of whatever diety might be out there that doesn't want to smite my ass for being a non-believer, I got a private room, which is sort of like getting a golden ticket to Wonkaville. private rooms do not happen on socialized health care! except, it happened to me, which was great, because in addition to all of the beepy machinery I was hooked up to, I was also on my period (which started while I was in emerg) and peeing approximately every fifteen minutes, which would have been really annoying to anyone I had to share a ward room with.

last night I also found out that nafs is sekritly Nancy Drew, when she called me up in my hospital room. I, of course, hadn't been able to contact anyone, since I couldn't use my cell and couldn't call long-distance from my room. imagine my surprise when Fiona called me! I'd texted her Monday night to tell her I was going to the hospital, and she figured out that since I hadn't texted again, I must have been admitted, tracked down the number, and got my room. she is fantabulous. I had a pretty bad Sad by then, and it was wonderful to hear her voice, and then alexandriabrown, and then placidia, who had the fun task of distracting me since she called when they were trying to put a new iv line in my left arm, as the right injection site had gotten all swollen. I am not lying when I say that it took 3 nurses three hours to put that sucker in, not working all that time thank god, but giving me rests and wrapping my arm in hot towels to try and bring my veins forward with try after try after try not working. my entire arm is black and blue today. it's really gross, although from a distance it looks like I have a pretty wicked sleeve. :)

it was stiflingly hot in my room last night, but the nurse brought me ice and a fan, so I survived. despite having ultrasounds and radiology appointments yesterday, by lunchtime today I hadn't seen my doctor for 30 hours, so I was resigned to staying, probably through the weekend, and had another Sad when Fiona and Alex called at lunch to check on me. honestly, my friends are the best thing evar. then, around 2 this afternoon, my doctor came, and told me that all the tests and x-rays had checked out fine, despite the fact that my right diaphragm is apparently abnormally high, sometimes that just happens. my liver is also a tiny bit worrisome, and I'm on some meds for high blood pressure, but the doctor said that what happened is I had an ass-kicking flu/virus over the weekend and dehydrated myself, and it should work itself out of my system on its own. I was SO RELIEVED. I was honestly just freaked the fuck out, not the least of which due to the fact that every other time I have been in the hospital in my life I have ended up having major surgery, and also the fact that my mom went in with low potassium levels and you know. died two weeks later. so.

ANYWAY. things what I have learned:

- the green health cards? expire! it's good to remember that. (the old red-and-white ones never expire. I miss my red-and-white one.)
- the doctors and nurses at Quinte Health Care are awesome. :)
- my friends are amazing. *hugs and hugs Fiona, Alex, Elaine, and everyone else who texted - I spent 10 minutes in the car when I got discharged this afternoon just reading texts :)*
- seriously, Fiona. just. thank you. I hereby promise to stop rooting against the Jays just for you! :D
- my brother D is also kind of amazing. his was literally the only family phone number I could remember off by heart without being able to look at the contacts on my cell, and when I called and told him I was in the hospital, he literally got in the shower, picked up some books from his gf, and came right over to visit and stayed for an hour. it was awesome.
- surprising me not in the least, my dad did not come to visit. or call. sigh. I mean, it's _not_ a surprise, considering the fact that I haven't seen the man in like seven months, and when I was in the hospital for two months when I was 10? he came to visit me once for 15 minutes. still, I'm hurt. I guess I just have to get over that, though. we're not close; it was always my mom who held the family together and it's been the brothers and I who have been making the contacts since she died. he has another life and another family and I hope he's happy, I really do. and I know for a fact from my stepmonster that he remembers things when we were kids a _lot_ differently from the way they really were, so. yeah. whatever he needs to do.
- it's going to take at least a day for me to get the smell/taste of Hospital out of my lungs. I've been coughing/sneezing it up for 8 hours now, and it's still as fresh as being there. bleah.
- asking the doctor for a note for work to cover my absences so far this week was an awesome idea, because he gave me a note saying not to go back to work until Monday! score! four whole days to rest and recover and see if the bruising/swelling goes down.

so, yeah. this is epically teel deer, and I'm sorry, but I wanted to get that out, mostly for my own "record." I am feeling better, if battered and bruised, and I look forward to doing nothing much for the next several days except sleeping and catching up on the internets. and researching treadmills online, since I am going to get one and get back to regular exercise as soon as my refi goes through. oh, and an air conditioner, because seriously, if this fucking weather continues all summer? I _will_ die without one. I'm also going to look into some targeted breathing/very simple yoga classes I can take, because I need to find a way to deal with my stress better than I have been. I really do not ever need to walk around for two days hooked up to a heart monitor again, thanks.

oh, and the job I interviewed for last week? I got it. but, in fairness to them, I turned it down. and, in fairness to me, too - as unfair as it would have been to them for me to start a new job not at 100% health, it would also be unfair to me to start a new job and take on all of that stress right now. so. still, it was kind of an amazing ego boost to come home today to a couple of messages and a call offering me the job. :D

annnnnd I'm done. how was your week, internets?

well, motherfucker.

good news of the day: Fox renewed "Human Target!"

bad news of the day: Fox is putting "Human Target" into the very same timeslot as "Smallville!"

omfg, idek. there are like, four television shows I am slavishly watching and enjoying right now, and three of them are on on the same night. ("White Collar" also being on Fridays, although it'll be over with new eps by September? I think? and Bravo might move it, idk.) ("The Big Bang Theory" is the other show that I slavishly watch/enjoy right now, and having spent the entire morning reading wank on the Sheldon/Penny comm I am starting to think that I am the only person watching who actually still likes the show. except, of course, that falls into the prevailing S/P batshittery mindset that they comprise the entirety of the audience, which ahahaha, no.)

eh, whatever, I get moar Guerrero, I get moar Welling and Lois, this is all good. perhaps CTV will also pick up "HT" and keep it on another day. they show "Ghost Whisperer" on Friday at 8 now, is that still going to be on? I have no idea.

eventually I will get more "Flashpoint." this is a good thing.

I slept approximately 8 minutes the entirety of last night, so when my alarm went off this morning I didn't even pretend that work was going to happen for me today. I might have to take a vacation day, but that's fine, I don't care, I feel like shit. I slept a few more hours but am still dragging my ass. I really cannot wait for this damn cold to be gone for good. I wish I didn't have such consistently horrible reactions to prescription meds, man. I would drug my ass from here to Timbuktu if the side effects weren't worse than the disease.

lol irl.

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask about anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, if there's anything you've ever wondered or been curious about or meant to ask me, etc. Re-post this in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other.

I literally cannot think of anything anyone would ask me. that's. . .probably a good thing?

work stress has actually made me become lame. this is _awesome_. I could get a lawsuit out of it!


today's adventures in nausea.

I will be so happy when this period is over and I stop feeling like I'm going to throw up half the time.

anyway, today I needed to go to town and buy things for a meeting I'm hosting at work tomorrow (treats and water, must feed people), and I desperately wanted Arby's (you know it's bad when you start dreaming about their cheese sauce). I also thought that I would go and see "Iron Man 2," despite my earlier-mentioned reservations. let"s have some spoilers, shall we?Collapse )

I am ridiculously tired. I cannot believe my weekend is over already, tomorrow at work is nuts, and I just want to sleeeeeeep. gah. life, dnw.

awww. nostalgic icon is nostalgic.

I forgot.

to talk about "The Losers" again.Collapse )

and also, NCIS: The One Where LL&Chris Yadda YaddaCollapse )

finally, SPN.Collapse )

today at work was completely heinous, I spent most of the afternoon trying not to hit someone in the face, and the rest of the time trying not to bang my head on a table. but, I got a free lunch and then I stopped at the chip wagon and got fries and a burger for dinner, so that was good. tomorrow, I am driving people I don't know to London and back, because I am a masochist and apparently think spending 11 hours in a van while I have my period is a good way to spend a Saturday.

I should go to bed soon. sigh.

why'd you have to use tongue?

the video on this page made me laugh so hard that I ended up coughing for five minutes and choked out half of my lung. I think it was the right one.

I'm sure that's not necessary for my continued survival on the planet.

*rewinds and watches again ahahahahahahahahahahahaha*

eta: omg Dean's headtilt, ahahahahahahahahahahahaha, brb dying now.

oh fuck, it's May.

I came home from work tonight not only with a sore throat (why am I getting a cold? it was probably the snotty [literally, not stuck up, they were adorbs, but snot everywhere] kids at the open house on Wednesday), but a voicemail from Virgin Mobile asking me to kindly stop using my mifi because there's a wee problem and the battery might catch on fire.

so, of course, they turn my service off, and now I am without internets at my house until they ship me a loaner stick to use (free, which is something) for a month while they fix my mifi (which is basically a wireless router). this makes me :( because I have no internets at home now, since I _finally_ got rid of the dial-up (which I kept paying for for _months_ because I was paranoid about my stick crapping out on me). so now if I want to check my email I need to go to *$. or do it at work, but grah. dnw.

hopefully they ship fast, because I got the mifi expresspost, so maybe it'll come Tuesday or Wednesday. which, hi, poor me, but goddamn I am just too used to having internets on demand! I will have to, like, read and watch movies and shit, now. plus, I write in Semagic! I don't even think I _can_ write in a wp program anymore. and I won't be able to keep up with prompts. boo.

but, I guess it's fortuitous that I am working at the shelter all fucking weekend, which of course sucks, but there is no-one here and I really do need the money, since this is the week where 87% of my paycheque goes towards my mortgage. and, I just looked at my paystub and realized that, including this weekend, I have worked 120 hours at the shelter this year! that is three full weeks! I already have a 40h/wk full-time job! that is crazyface.

in less psychotic news, I ordered Yellow Omnibus 2 and it shipped today and I waaaaaaaaaaaant. my favourite half of this story, omg want! I can't remember how fast shipping is from Yaoi Club, but I think it's pretty reasonable. and now I am pretty much waiting for four things to ship to me, and nothing at all came this week. I hate an empty mailbox, man.

I am also happy that there is nothing playing at the show that I want to see. I will probs, no lie, go see "The Losers" again Sunday, because I am trying to write something and I'm losing the voices and that is bad. especially Jensen, because he talks all the time but he is not in my head atm. next weekend is "Iron Man 2," which I will definitely go see but am so torn about, because I love RDJ and I loved the first one, but dnw Don Cheadle as Rhodey and Mickey Rourke kind of icks me the hell out, and while ScarJo is ridiculously hot she's also sort of completely boring in everything I have ever seen her in. still, I will go and I'm sure it'll be fine.

now I am going to go wash dishes and wait for it to be 7am and time to go home, god.

impulse control, what's that?

so last night on the way home from the movies I noticed that my ponytail was really bugging the shit out of me. (more than usual.) so, just before I hit the exit for my village, I thought, "hey, I should go get all my hair chopped off tomorrow!"

and I did. :) ponytail gone, about seven or eight inches of hair gone overall. I have chin-length layers and bangs now. I bought a new colour; I'm putting that in tonight (omg only one box!). I also bought a shitload of stuff to try and make it shiny and not so frizzy, since my hair has a _ridiculous_ amount of curl for an Indian girl. (srsly, it was stick straight until I was about 19, when I started perming it - which I stopped doing by 23 - and ever since, the older I get, the curlier my hair gets.)

I also decided, at about 2am this morning while watching "White Collar" (as one does) that it was about damn time that I repaired the water damage in my living room and repainted the two affected walls. so, I googled around a bit, decided that the ideal contrast for my pink walls would be chocolate brown, and after I got my hair cut I bought some primer (since the drywall doesn't need to be replaced) and paint.

so, yeah. carefully-considered decision-making? is kind of not in my vocabulary. :D

I also decided that I wanted popcorn, and since there wasn't a damn thing playing that I wanted to see (in Belleville, at least), I went to "The Losers" again. I"m a loser, baby.Collapse )

now I am at home, I had a peanut buster parfait for dinner, and I'm about to put in my hair colour. and I need to re-arrange the rest of my bathroom, since I up my new shower tower this morning and the rest of the room just looks a mess, now.

so, yes.

after spending an unpleasant drive to Kingston being bombarded by some syphilitic asshole asking to see pictures of my dick (via text), I finally managed to Chris Hansen his ass ("I'm only 14 and my mommy is calling the police") and go to the movies. "The Losers," ho!Collapse )

and now I am in *$ in K-town and I am dling a rip of "Legion" and, really, all is well in the world. as long as that assfaced goat-felcher doesn't start texting me again.

damn I look hot.

so, you want me to have an ipad, I know you do! Ebates will give me an ipad if I sign up a buttload of people to their service. basically, you do your online shopping through their website, they have a ton of coupons and special offers and things, and you get cash back on your purchases - anything from 1% to 25% of your purchase price. it's a sweet deal - I've been a member since 2007 and I've gotten $82 back so far, from places like Barnes and Noble, Hotwire, ebay, 1-800-Flowers. they have tons of shops linked to them, all very reputable, and it's easy to use, so why not?

this is my referral link if you want to join: click me right here you know you want to do it baby, do it!

please note that I don't really expect to win an ipad. :D I just really do like the service, and getting money back is always a good thing, especially since I do all of my Hotwire travel bookings for work through them.

I do look awesome today - I'm wearing my new lbd with leggings and my four-inch gold platform pumps (which irl are much less tacky than they sound). I am planning to take the afternoon off and go see "The Losers" in Kingston, it's sunny out, and basically the day could not be better!

one kind of crappy thing that happened this week was my netbook dying a horrible death. the damn thing will not boot - I have tried to flash the BIOS, I have tried to boot from a USB drive, but it won't recognize anything, and after spending four days and nights on Acer forums and googling like mad I am pretty much ready to throw it out a window. I was mostly pissed not so much at losing the media I had on there (basically last week's "SPN," this season of "Doctor Who" and "Ashes to Ashes" and a couple of movies were all that hadn't been backed up to an external yet), but I've been writing on it in bed lately, now that I have wifi in the house, not just on one computer (I write in Semagic, so internets are necessary). it was stupid and sort of selfish, considering I have a laptop and a desktop, but the laptop is kind of huge and bulky and definitely not ideal for writing in bed, and the desktop isn't portable. :) annnnyway, after pounding on the damn thing for a week I finally whined at alexandriabrown AND SHE BOUGHT ME A NEW NETBOOK OMG WTF. it's an Asus Eee (which, I'm sorry, is still fucking hilarious for a fangirl), it's pink, and it's so shiny and awesome! it's running Windows 7 (which Brian 2.0 also has, and I like, although I'm not as comfortable with it as Vista), and it just seems so much bigger than Alex the First, although I'm pretty sure that's just an optical illusion (the screen might be a tech bigger, and the keys definitely are). it's also _lighter_ than Alex 1.0, so that's sort of awesome. I'm sad that Alex v.1 only lasted two years, but his touchpad stopped working about a year ago and he's had his battery replaced and considering that I took him everywhere I really did get a good run out of him.

so, yes, I can haz Alex 2.0 nao! and I wrote a shiny shiny story on him last night, all about Neal Caffrey and G Callen (and how they first met and you know you want to read it), and I am going to take him to Kingston with me this afternoon and go to *$ and give him a whirl at dling all of the stuff I lost off his little brother. :( but :) :) :), really!

and I totally know what I am getting ms. brown for her birfday this year, muahahahahahaha. . .

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